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Journal Article

Modeling the uptake of plugin vehicles in a heterogeneous car market using a consumer segmentation approach

subsectionBrand, C., Cluzel, C. and Anable, J. 2017 document type

Beyond Dieselgate: Implications of unaccounted and future air pollutant emissions and energy use for cars in the United Kingdom

subsectionBrand. C. 2016 document type

UKERC Research Report

Mapping the Landscape of Public Attitudes Towards Low-Carbon Heating Technologies

subsectionSmith, W., Pidgeon, N., Demski, C. and Becker, S. 2024 document type

IVUGER Report: Domestic Air Conditioning in 2050

subsectionCrawley, J., Ogunrin, S., Taneja, S., Vorushlyo, I. and Wang, X. 2020 document type

Fostering successful policy engagements: recommendations for schemes aimed at PhD and Early Career Researchers. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionHaf, S., Hirmer, S.A., Khalid, R., Roddis, P., Stabler, L., Warren, G., Foulds, C. ,Robison, R. and Rohse, M. 2020 document type

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions. An Energy-PIECES report.

subsectionHaf, S. and Robison, R. 2020 document type

Policy options for enhancing Productive Uses of Energy in low-resource settings in the Global South. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionHirmer, S.A. and Robison, R. 2020 document type

Exploring Social Value in the Contest of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study of Hinkley Point C. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionRoddis, P. and Robison, R. 2020 document type

Governing the UKs transition to decarbonised heating: Lessons from a systematic review of past and ongoing heat transitions. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionStabler, L. and Foulds, C. 2020 document type

Zero-In on NI-Heat: Pathways to Heat Decarbonisation in Northern Ireland

subsectionVorushylo, I., Ogunrin, S., Ghosh, R., Brandoni, C. and Hewitt, N.J. 2020 document type

Better domestic energy advice in England? A narrative literature review. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionWarren, G. and Foulds, C. 2020 document type

The Security of UK Energy Futures

subsectionWatson, J., Ketsopoulou, I., Dodds, P., Chaudry, M., Tindemans, S., Woolf, M. and Strbac, G. 2018 document type

Mapping energy participation: A systematic review of diverse practices of participation in UK energy transitions, 2010-2015

subsectionPallett, H., Chilvers, J. and Hargreaves, T. 2017 document type

A Review and Synthesis of the Outcomes from Low Carbon Networks Fund Projects

subsectionFrame, D., Bell, K. and McArthur, S. 2016 document type

UKERC Working Paper

What is the Carbon Footprint of Digital Healthcare?

subsectionDaniel_Watanabe, L., Moore, R. and Tongue, B. 2024 document type

Social Science Approaches to Understanding the Implications of a Net Zero Transformation of Society

subsectionThompson, O., Rohse, M. and Barber, J. 2024 document type

We're on the Road to Net Zero? Socioeconomic Inequality in Low-Carbon Technology Adoption

subsectionGiulietti. M, Burlinson. A and Davillas. A 2023 document type

Resilience of the Future Energy System: Impacts of Energy Disruptions on Society

subsectionCox E 2021 document type

A transformation to sustainable heating in the UK: risks and opportunities for UK heat sector businesses

subsectionLowes, R., Woodman, B. and Clark, M 2018 document type

The economic impacts of UK trade-enhancing industrial policies and their spillover effects on the energy system

subsectionRoss, A.G., Allan, G., Figus,G., McGregor, P.G., Roy, G., Swales, J.K. and Turner, K. 2018 document type

Transmission-distribution coordination and transition to more actively operated distribution: why it matters

subsectionBell, K. 2017 document type

Defining Incumbency: Considering the UK Heat Sector

subsectionLowes, B., Woodman, B. and Fitch-Roy, O. 2017 document type

The impacts of non-energy policies on the energy system: a scoping paper

subsectionCox, E., Rostston, S. and Selby, J. 2016 document type

The politics of cross-border electricity market interconnection: the UK, Ireland and Greenlink

subsectionDutton. J. 2016 document type

The governance of retail energy market services in the UK: A framework for the future

subsectionEyre, N. and Lockwood, M. 2016 document type

Developing networks for the low carbon energy future

subsectionBell, K. and Hawker, G. 2015 document type

EU Energy Policy and the Third Package

subsectionDutton. J. 2015 document type

Deconstructing the European Energy Union: Governance and 2030 Goals

subsectionFroggatt, A. and Hadfield. A. 2015 document type

Workshop Report

Energy systems research in a world in transition: challenges for policy and research

subsectionBurns, W. and Watson, J. 2016 document type

Consultation Response

House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning: Risk assessment and risk planning in the context of disruptive national hazards

subsectionCox, E., Bell, K. and Gross, R. 2021 document type

Environmental Audit Committee inquiry into Green Jobs - call for evidence

subsectionHanna, R., Heptonstall, P., Gross, R., Wade F. and Webb, J. 2021 document type

Policy Briefing Paper

Whole Systems Networking Fund: Working to Improve Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Across Energy Research

subsectionBays, J., Nduka, E., Jimoh, M., Liu, L., Silva, N., Liu, X., Bharucha, Z., Khalid, R., Caprotti, F., Bobbins, K., Pailman, W., Bookbinder, R., Garret, J. and Gul, M. 2024 document type

Impact Case Studies, 209-2024

subsectionGross, R., Bradshaw, M., Blyth, W., Bell, K., Webb, J., Taylor, P., Gailani, A., Rattle, I., Cooper, S., Allen, S., Brand, C., Strachan, N., Wu, J., Qadrdan, M., Britton, J., Dodds, P., Bays, J., Jones, C., Halliday, J., Armstrong, A., Chilvers, J. and Pallet, H. 2024 document type

Mapping Participation for Democratic Innovations: An experiment in evaluating a citizens panel on home energy decarbonisation

subsectionChilvers, J. and Stephanides, P. 2023 document type

Mapping Public Engagement with Energy, Climate Change and Net Zero

subsectionChilvers, J., Stephanides, P., Pallet, H. and Hargreaves, T. 2023 document type

An Observatory for Public Engagement with Energy and Climate Change

subsectionChilvers, J., Pallet, H., Hargreaves, T., Stephanides, P. and Waller, L. 2022 document type

Brexit and Decarbonisation, One Year On: Friction, fish and fine tuning

subsectionFroggatt, A., Kuzemko, C. and Blondeel, M. 2022 document type

Review of Energy Policy 2021

subsectionGross, R., Bradshaw, M., Bridge, G., Weszkalnys, G., Rattle, I., Taylor, P., Lowes, R., Qadrdan, M., Wu, J., Anable,J., Beaumont, N., Hastings, A., Holland, R., Lovett, A., Shepherd, A.. 2021 document type

Energy Modelling in the UK: Decision making in government and industry

subsectionLi, P. and Strachan, N. 2021 document type

Energy modelling in the UK: The modelling landscape

subsectionStrachan, N. and Li, P. 2021 document type

Disruption and Continuity in the UK Energy Transition: What do the experts think ? - Results of the UKERC and CXC survey of UK energy experts and stakeholders

subsectionWinskel, M. and Kattirtzi, M. 2019 document type

Review of UK Energy Policy

subsectionWatson, J., Ekins, P., Wright, L., Eyre, N., Bell, K., Darby, S., Bradshaw, M., Webb, J., Gross, R., Anable, J., Brand, C., Chilvers, J., and Pidgeon, N. 2016 document type