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Crosscutting Projects

The UK Energy Innovation System: A review and a commentary

subsectionWinskel. M., Radcliffe.J., Skea. J., and Wang. X. 2012 document type

Energy Demand (Demand Reduction)

Presentation on Energy Efficiency and Buildings. Chevening Fellowship Programme on The Economics of Energy, Birmingham 1st March 2010

subsectionEyre, N. 2010

Decomposing Changes in the Energy Demand of UK Manufacturing

subsectionHammond, G.P. and Norman, J.B. 2010

UKERC Energy 2050: Key Messages

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

The impact of lifestyle and social change on the UK energy system in 2050

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

The impact of lifestyle and social change on the UK energy system

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

Personal Carbon Budgets

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

Energy Company Obligations to Save Energy in Italy, the UK and France: What have we learnt? external website

subsectionEyre, N., Pavan, M. and Bodineau, L. 2009

Building Expertise and Understanding: Climate-Responsive Responsibilities for Professionals and Users

subsectionK. Janda 2009

Cities and Climate Change: The role of institutions, governance and urban planning.

subsectionJanda, K. 2009

Buildings Don't Use Energy: People Do

subsectionJanda, K. B 2009

Exploring the social dimensions of energy use: a review of recent research initiatives external website

subsectionJanda, K. B 2009

The Social Organization of Energy Research: A Review of Recent Initiatives

subsectionK. Janda 2009 document type

Energy Supply (Energy Infrastructure & Supply)

The geopolitical and security implications of shale gas development

subsectionDutton, J. 2012 document type

Integrated Optimal Power Flow for Electric Power and Heat in a Microgrid

subsectionAwad, B., Chaudry, M., Wu, J, and Jenkins, N. 2009

Developing a Transmission Access Regime to Deliver the UK's Renewable Targets

subsectionBaker, P. 2008

Evaluating the Capacity Value of Wind Generation in Systems with Hydro Generation external website

subsectionCastro, M., Shakoor, A., Pudjianto, D., and Strbac, G. 2008

Sustainable Development of the Gas and Electricity Infrastructure in the UK

subsectionChaudry, M., Jenkins, N., and Strbac, G. 2008

State-of-the-art of Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power (Summary of International Energy Agency Wind collaboration) (pp 489-499 in Volume 1)

subsectionHolttinen, H., Strbac, G., Shakoor, A., et al. 2007

Quantifying Risk of Interruptions and Evaluating Generation System Adequacy with Wind Generation

subsectionShakoor, A., Strbac,S., and Allan, R., 2006

Energy Systems (Energy Systems and Modelling)

The scalar politics of energy restructuring in Eastern and Central Europe

subsectionBouzarovski, S 2012

Energy security and the EU: The contradictory materialities of multi-level hydrocarbon governance

subsectionBouzarovski, S 2012

Unpacking energy security

subsectionBouzarovski, S 2012

Producing territorial dissensus: The new geographies of energy security

subsectionBouzarovski, S 2012 document type

Global Gas Debate

subsectionBradshaw, M 2012

The Sakhalin Oil and Gas Projects: Lessons for Arctic Development

subsectionBradshaw, M 2012

Workshop on the Geopolitics of Energy Security

subsectionBradshaw, M 2012 document type

A Supply Chain Approach to Gas Security

subsectionBradshaw, M 2012 document type

The Territorialities of Liquified Natural Gas

subsectionBridge G 2012

TIAM-UCL - Achieving 2DC by 2100

subsectionDessens, O., Anandarajah, G., Daly, H 2012 document type

Development of the UK TIMES model: learning the lessons of the past

subsectionDodds, P 2012 document type

EU gas infrastructure and decarbonisation: the path to 2050

subsectionDutton, J 2012

The Geopolitical & Security Implications of Global Unconventional Gas Development for Scotland and the UK

subsectionDutton J 2012

Challenges to Sustaining the Shale Gas Revolution

subsectionDutton J 2012 document type

Energy, Carbon and Climate Change

subsectionStrachan N 2012

Can energy efficiency policies deliver carbon reductions? Evidence from macro-economic modelling.

subsectionBarker, T.S. and Foxon, T.J. 2006

Overview of UK Energy and Carbon Scenarios

subsectionHughes, N. 2006

Incorporating Behavioural Responses within a Technology Optimisation Energy Model external website

subsectionKannan, R. and Strachan, N. 2006

Modelling Long-Term Carbon Abatement Scenarios with UK MARKAL external website

subsectionStrachan, N. and Kannan, R. 2006

Technology and Policy Assessment

Energy-capital substitution and the rebound effect external website

subsectionSorrell, S. 2008