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Accelerating innovation towards net zero emissions

Citation Kazaglis, A., Tam, A., Eis, J., Watson, J., Hughes, N., Gross, R. and Hanna, R. Accelerating innovation towards net zero emissions. UKERC. 2019.
Author(s) Kazaglis, A., Tam, A., Eis, J., Watson, J., Hughes, N., Gross, R. and Hanna, R.
Publisher UKERC
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This report, commissioned by the Aldersgate Group and co-authored with Vivid Economics, identifies out how the government can achieve a net zero target cost-effectively, in a way that enables the UK to capture competitive advantages.

The unique contribution of this report is to identify the lessons from successful and more rapid historical innovations and apply them to the challenge of meeting net zero emissions in the UK.

Achieving net zero emissions is likely to require accelerated innovation across research, demonstration and early deployment of low carbon technologies. Researchers analysed five international case studies of relatively rapid innovations to draw key lessons for government on the conditions needed to move from a typical multi-decadal cycle, to one that will deliver net zero emissions by mid-Century.

The case studies include:

  • The deployment of the ATM network and cash cards across the UK;
  • Roll out of a gas network and central heating in the UK;
  • The development of wind turbines in Denmark and then the UK;
  • Moving from late-stage adoption of steel technology in South Korea to being the world leading exporter; and
  • The slower than expected development of commercial-scale CCUS to date across the world. 

The report also sets out which low carbon technologies are likely to have wider productivty and growth benefits in other industries for the UK. These include carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS); heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); wind energy; biofuels and batteries. These areas should be prioritised by the government’s innovation strategy going forwards.