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Future UK Gas Security: Upstream Security of Supply

Citation Bradshaw, M. Future UK Gas Security: Upstream Security of Supply. 2017.
Author(s) Bradshaw, M.
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This briefing reports the findings of the first UK Gas Security Forum, which brings together a range of stakeholders
from government, business, think-tanks and academia to consider the impact of Brexit on the UK gas industry. The aim of the Forum is to inform the Brexit negotiations and the formulation of a Post-Brexit UK Gas Security Strategy.

The Forum builds on previous research funded by UKERC on: The UK’s Global Gas Challenge (Bradshaw et al. 2014) and The Future Role of Natural Gas in the UK (McGlade et al. 2016). The approach adopted combines a supply chain analysis of energy security with a whole system approach, that places gas security within the wider context of the decarbonisation of the UK energy system. In keeping with the wider framing of UK energy policy within the energy trilemma, it is assumed that a future UK gas strategy must deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy services to end users. 

Two further papers reporting on findings from the second and third UK Gas Security Forum sessions were published in February 2018 and can be accessed below.

 Future UK Gas Security: The Future Role of Gas?  Future UK Gas Security: Midstream Infrastructure