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The Energy White Paper: An academic critique

Citation Palmer, J. and Keay-Bright, S. The Energy White Paper: An academic critique. UKERC. 2007.
Author(s) Palmer, J. and Keay-Bright, S.
Publisher UKERC
Download The_Energy_White_Paper_-_An_academic_critique.pdf document type
Pages 30
UKERC Report Number UKERC/MR/MP/2007/005

Meeting the Energy Challenge, the White Paper on Energy, was published on May 23, 2007 following several years of intense energy policy review and debate. The BIEE and UKERC one day seminar brought together prominent academics in each of the topics of the White Paper, to present their assessment and critique of the paper and to lead discussion of its implications.

The workshop was structured around the Energy Review Consultation Topics:

  • Valuing Carbon
  • Saving Energy
  • Distributed Energy
  • Energy Security
  • Transport
  • Electricity Generation (Renewables Clean Coal and Nuclear )