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Liberalised Energy Markets: an Obstacle to Renewables?

Citation Gross, R, Heptonstall, P Liberalised Energy Markets: an Obstacle to Renewables?. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 2010.
Author(s) Gross, R, Heptonstall, P
Publisher Oxford University Press, Oxford
Editor Rutledge, I, Wright, P
ISBN 978-0-19-959300-2
Opus Title UK Energy Policy and the end of Market Fundamentalism
Pages 12
  • Provides an overview of the way in which market fundamentalism has affected oil, gas, coal, and electricity industries
  • Covers both the upstream and downstream of the UK's energy industries
  • Brings together previously disparate critiques by a distinguished list of contributors
  • Offers historical perspective and challenges the extensive literature on this subject
  • Reflects on how to address energy supply and environmental agendas which now confront the country