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Improving energy efficiency: hidden costs and unintended consequences

Citation Sorrell, S., Improving energy efficiency: hidden costs and unintended consequences. Oxford University Press. 2009.
Author(s) Sorrell, S.,
Publisher Oxford University Press
Editor D. Helm and C. Hepburn
ISBN 9780199573288
Opus Title The Economics and Politics of Climate Change
Pages 17
  • Includes contributions from leading climate change policy experts
  • Highly topical and political subject that discusses the Stern Report and the international framework and negotiations for a post-Kyoto climate change agreement.
  • Written in an accessible style that enables a wide readership to come to grips with the main issues of climate change
  • Discusses major climate change issues such as what sort of overall target for emissions reductions is credible and over what timetable, what the basis for any new international agreement might be and how the interests of the developing countries might be reconciled with those of the industrialised countries