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Carbon neutrality and carbon offsets

Citation Keay-Bright, S. and Knight, O. Carbon neutrality and carbon offsets. UKERC. 2006.
Author(s) Keay-Bright, S. and Knight, O.
Publisher UKERC
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UKERC Report Number TBC

This UKERC Meeting Place seminar, co-sponsored by the Sustainable Development Commission and the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, aimed to achieve three outcomes:

  • a consensus on what carbon neutrality means, its validity as a concept, and whether there are different definitions which might apply to operations, plans and policies;
  • a consensus on the use of carbon offsetting, if and when it is justified, and what constitutes a viable and sustainable carbon offset;
  • a consensus on what steps need to be taken, by the UK Government, the Devolved Administrations and/or the private sector, to ensure that commitments and pledges on carbon neutrality (including the use of carbon offsets) are applied in a way which is robust and compatible with the UK’s commitment to sustainable development.

The event set out to engage a multi-disciplinary stakeholder group to stimulate solutionfocused debate. Participants included policy-makers, policy advisors, academics, carbon management organisations, existing carbon neutral organisations and NGOs.