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Environmental Implications

Citation Osborn, D, Fowler, D.F. and Cox, P. Environmental Implications. Foresight Directorate, OST. 2006.
Author(s) Osborn, D, Fowler, D.F. and Cox, P.
Publisher Foresight Directorate, OST
Editor Curry A., Hodgson T., Kelnar R., and Wilson A
ISBN DTI/Pub 8155/2k/01/06/NP
Opus Title Intelligent Infrastructures Futures Scenarios Towards 2055
Pages 1

In this section, I sketch a few environmental factors that an intelligent transport infrastructure might need to cope with. If this all sounds a bit ‘doom and gloom,’ consider this: when I produced a draft of this assessment of environmental implications, it provoked a few quizzical looks and perhaps a bit of scepticism that some of these effects could be all that major. A few days later the UK had a spate of tornados: one, in Birmingham, left the transport infrastructure littered with debris and the wind drove posts of wood through vehicles’ windscreens with considerable force. A few weeks, later we had hurricanes Katrina and others to watch with awe and some trepidation. Not just the one or two events here – one after another, week after week.