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Macro DE - Energy Demand Analysis in Great Britain

subsection imageMeidl, P., Sipowicz, M., Murshed, S.M., Jumel, S., Jobson, M., Oluleye, G., OHanlon, I., McKeon, K., Griessbaum, N., Nichersu, A. 2012 document type


Macro DE - Technology Development Opportunities

subsection imageLok, K., Adler, D., Cripps, A and Woods, P. 2011 document type

Micro DE - Analysis of the Benefits of Buildings Energy Services Control System

subsection imageLander, D., Patterson, M., Preston-Barnes, H. and Iles, P. 2011 document type

Micro DE - Micro DE Technology Comparisons

subsection imageBontemps, N., Esteve, A., McKoen, K. and Mermond, Y. 2011 document type

Micro DE - Modelling the Cost Effectiveness and Potential Uptake of Technologies in Existing UK Residential Buildings

subsection imageOreszczyn, T., Hamilton, I., Mavrogianni, A., Oikonomou, E., Raslan, R., Smith, A., Spataru.C. and Stone, A 2011 document type

Micro DE - Plan for Larger Field Trials

subsection imagePreston-Barnes, H. and Patterson, M. 2011 document type

Micro DE - Project Summary Report

subsection imagePatterson, M., Preston-Barnes, H. and Oreszczyn. T, 2011 document type


Macro DE - Development of a methodology to calculate energy demand

subsection imageMcKoen, K., Koch, A., Murshed, S.M., Meidl, P., Nichersu, A., Jumel, S. and Limani, B. 2010 document type

Macro DE - Project Baseline Objectives

subsection imageBarton, M., Kirton, A., Silletti, B., Smith, R., Gautier, L., Neeson, S., McKoen, K., McWilliam, L. and Jobson, M 2010 document type

Micro DE - Review of Previous Work on Energy User Behaviour

subsection imageOikonomou, E., Oreszczyn, T., Shipworth, D. and Stone, A. 2010 document type