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Condition Monitoring: Final Report on an Holistic Approach to Wind Turbine Monitoring

subsection imageFutter, D.N., Chevalier, R., Gilbert, D., Muguelanez, E., Whittle, M. and Infield, D. 2013 document type

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Literature Review

subsection imageEnergy Endeavours Consortium 2013 document type

Enabling Technologies - Technology Review and Gap Analysis - Final Report

subsection imageHitachi, EDF Energy, Imperial College London, Element Energy 2013 document type

PerAWaT - Comparison with EDF (WG3 WP6 D6)

subsection imageAdcock, T.A.A., Serhadlioglu, S., Houlsby, G.T. 2013 document type

PerAWaT - Development of Free Surface Wave Model for an Axial Flow Tidal Turbine

subsection imageFleming, C.F., McIntosh, S.C. and Willden, R.H.J. 2013 document type

PerAWaT - Experimental and Computation Investigations into Ducted Porous Discs and Rotors at Low Blockage (WG4 WP3 D3)

subsection imageFleming, C.F., McIntosh, S.C., Willden, R.H.J., Stallard, T. and Feng, T. 2013 document type

PerAWaT - Regional Scale Plug-In Protocol (WG3 WP4 D10)

subsection imageParkinson, S. and Thomson, M.D. 2013 document type

ReDAPT - MD1.5 CFD Simulation of Turbulence at a Tidal Stream Site based on Field Measurements

subsection imageAfgan, I., Apsley, D.D., McNaughton, J., Rolfo, S., Stallard, T. and Stansby P.K. 2013 document type