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Biomass Value Chain Modelling - Benefit Assessment Report

subsection imageMontemurro, F., Bauen, A. and Shah, N. 2012 document type

Biomass Value Chain Modelling - Opportunity Identification and Roadmapping

subsection imageMontemurro, F., Bauen, A., Shah, N., Samsatli, N., Patel, M. and Ang, S. 2012 document type

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Pilot Research Report Presentation

subsection imageMorrell, G., Kahn, L., Junemann, S. and Oreszczyn, T. 2012 document type

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Provisional Consumer Segmentation

subsection imageRaw, G., Junemann, S. and Anderson, T. 2012 document type

Energy From Waste : WP1.3 - Final Waste Assessment

subsection imageWagland, S.T. and Longhurst, P.J. 2012 document type

Macro DE - Energy Demand Analysis in Great Britain

subsection imageMeidl, P., Sipowicz, M., Murshed, S.M., Jumel, S., Jobson, M., Oluleye, G., OHanlon, I., McKeon, K., Griessbaum, N., Nichersu, A. 2012 document type

Mineralisation - Carbon Capture & Storage by Mineralisation - Work Package 1: Stage Gate 2b Report; Synthesis and Interpretation

subsection imageStyles, M.T., Lacinska, A.M., Bide, T., Evans, E.J., Naden, J. and Wrighton, C. 2012 document type

Mineralisation - Carbon Capture and Sequestration by Mineralisation (CCSM) Final Report

subsection imageHillier, G., Styles, M., Zemskova, S. and Paulson, T. 2012 document type

PerAWaT - Large Array Testing

subsection imageQueen’s University Belfast 2012 document type

PerAWaT - Report on the Inclusion of FDC Tidal Arrays into DG-ADCIRC Model (WG3 WP6 D5)

subsection imageSerhadlioglu, S., Adcock, T.A.A., Houlsby, G.T. and Borthwick, A.G.L. 2012 document type

PerAWaT - Tidalfarmer Interim Model Validation Report (WG3 WP4 D18)

subsection imageParkinson, S., Giles, J. and Thomson, M. 2012 document type

ReDAPT - MD1.3 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of ReDAPT Tidal Turbine

subsection imageRolfo, S., McNaughton, J., Stallard, T., Apsley D. and Stansby P. 2012 document type

Tidal Modelling - Continental Shelf Model Requirements Document

subsection imageHR Wallingford, Black & Veatch and University of Edinburgh 2012 document type

Tidal Modelling - Extraction Scheme Modelling Scenarios Technical Report

subsection imageUniversity of Edinburgh, Black & Veatch and HR Wallingford 2012 document type