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Energy From Waste : WP1.2 - Initial Waste Assessment

subsection imageWagland, S.T. and Longhurst, P.J. 2010 document type

Energy From Waste : WP3.2 - System Model Development Report

subsection imageDonegan, S., Kearney, J., Repalle, J. and Van Romunde, Z. 2010 document type

Macro DE - Development of a methodology to calculate energy demand

subsection imageMcKoen, K., Koch, A., Murshed, S.M., Meidl, P., Nichersu, A., Jumel, S. and Limani, B. 2010 document type

Macro DE - Project Baseline Objectives

subsection imageBarton, M., Kirton, A., Silletti, B., Smith, R., Gautier, L., Neeson, S., McKoen, K., McWilliam, L. and Jobson, M 2010 document type

Micro DE - Review of Previous Work on Energy User Behaviour

subsection imageOikonomou, E., Oreszczyn, T., Shipworth, D. and Stone, A. 2010 document type

MMV - Measurement, Monitoring & Verification of CO2 Storage: UK Requirements: Final Report - Vol 1

subsection imageJones, D.G., Chadwick, R.A., Pearce, J.M., Vincent, C.J., Hannis, S., Long, D., Rowley, W.J., Holloway, S., Bentham, M.S., Kingdon, A., Arts, R., Neele, F., Nepveu, M., Vandeweijer, V., Metcalfe, R., Bond, A.E. and Robinson P.C. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - Choice of Numerical Model (WG3 WP6 D1)

subsection imageAdcock, T.A.A., Serhadlioglu, S., Houlsby, G.T. and Borthwick, A.G.L. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - DIA Methodology Report

subsection imageCruz, J., Mackay, E., Livingstone, M., McCowen, D. and Jorge, N 2010 document type

PerAWaT - GH Blockage Modelling Report (WG3 WP4 D1)

subsection imageThomson, M.D. and McCowen, D. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - GH Device Scale Modelling Report

subsection imageThomson, M.D. and Whelan, J.I. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - Methodology Report (WG1 WP1 D1B)

subsection imageCruz, J., Mackay, E., Livingstone, M. and McCowen, D. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - Non-Linear Model Description Report (WG1 WP1 D7)

subsection imageTaylor, P.H. and Eatock Taylor, R. 2010 document type

PerAWaT - Report on Model Setup for Horizontal Axis Axial Flow Turbines (WG3 WP1 D1)

subsection imageMcIntosh, S.C., Fleming, C.F. and Willden, R.H.J. 2010 document type