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Consumer Response and Behaviour - Smart Energy Solutions - the Consumer Perspective - Final Report WA5

Citation Energy Endeavours Consortium Consumer Response and Behaviour - Smart Energy Solutions - the Consumer Perspective - Final Report WA5, ETI, 2014. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000585.
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Author(s) Energy Endeavours Consortium
Project partner(s) PRP Architects Limited, UCL Energy Institute, Frontier Economics, The Technology Partnership, The Peabody Trust, National Centre for Social Research, Hitachi Europe
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000585
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Abstract The delivery of consumer energy requirements is a key focus of the Smart Systems and Heat Programme. The Consumer Response and Behavior Project will identify consumer requirements and predict consumer response to Smart Energy System proposals, providing a consumer focus for the other Work Areas. This project involved thousands of respondents providing insight into consumer requirements for heat and energy services, both now and in the future. Particular focus was given to identifying the behaviour that leads people to consume energy - in particular heat and hot water. This £3m project was led by PRP Architects, experts in the built environment. It involved a consortium of academia and industry - UCL Energy Institute, Frontier Economics, The Technology Partnership, The Peabody Trust, National Centre for Social Research and Hitachi Europe

This report seeks to synthesise evidence from across the different strands of the Consumer Response and Behaviour project in order to improve our understanding of how consumers currently use solutions for heating and cooling the home, and for providing hot water, and how consumers might respond to different characteristics of future smart energy solutions. Evidence is drawn from the full range of sources across the project, including existing literature, qualitative field research and quantitative survey data.
The report covers the following areas, with a needs-focussed summary for each:
  • What is a Smart Energy Solution?
  • The Baseline Perspective
    • How important is heat to consumers?
    • Are consumers willing to change their system?
    • How can solutions better appeal to consumers?
  • Controls and Feedback
  • Heat Delivery and Localised Heat
    • Radiators
    • Storage Heaters
    • Underfloor Heating
    • Warm/Forced Air
    • Secondary and other localised heat
    • Body heat retentionary
  • Centralised Heat Generation
    • Heat Pumps
    • Communal Heating
  • Hot Water
    • What Do People Want From Hot Water?
    • On-demand Hot Water
    • Stored Hot Water
    • Needs-Focussed Summary
  • Cooling and Ventilation
    • The Importance of Cooling and Ventilation
    • Active Cooling
    • Natural Ventilation
    • Mechanical Ventilation
    • Portable Ventilation/Cooling
  • Insulation and Building Fabric Improvements
    • Insulation Solutions
    • Glazing Solutions
    • Preserving Appearance
  • Installation Process
    • Current Approaches to Home Improvements
    • Building Improvements Into Existing Plans
    • Whole-House Approach .
    • Reducing Hassle
  • Advice
    • Advice on current system
    • Advice on potential upgrades
    • Building MOT
  • Paying for Energy
    • Current payment models
    • "Paying for Comfort"
    • Communal and Community Energy
  • Consumer-led Solution Evaluation and Design
  • Appendix A - Large Size Assessment Tables
This report was prepared for the ETI by the consortium that delivered the project in 2013 and whose contents may be out of date and may not represent current thinking.
Associated Project(s) ETI-SS1501: Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) Programme - Consumer Behaviour Study
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
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