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CCS Benchmark Refresh - Task 5 Report: Independent Capture Plant

Citation Ray, R., Tarrant, A. and Abbott, T CCS Benchmark Refresh - Task 5 Report: Independent Capture Plant, ETI, 2015. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000108.
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Author(s) Ray, R., Tarrant, A. and Abbott, T
Project partner(s) Amec Foster Wheeler
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000108
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Abstract This report describes development of a new benchmark for an alternative commercial CCGT model with an Independent Capture Plant (ICP), in order to examine the feasibility, cost, schedule and efficiency penalty for a “commercially distinct” post-combustion carbon capture plant. The report describes the results from a base case and two sensitivity cases:
  • The base case consists of a CCGT plus ICP configured for 90% capture using an amine system but where the CCGT is unaffected by the capture plant. In this case the capture plant operates independently of the CCGT and is self-sufficient in steam and power;
  • The first sensitivity case investigates the use of power import from the CCGT. The steam demand for the ICP is met with a package steam boiler;
  • The second sensitivity case investigates the effect of importing both power and steam from the CCGT. This is considered to represent a retrofit scenario, where the ICP is built next to an existing CCGT.
This report documents the assumptions used and presents the technical and economic performance for the above cases, as compared with the Task 1 CCGT Benchmark cases both with and without capture (see Deliverable D2.1).
Associated Project(s) ETI-CC2015: CO2 Capture Technologies Benchmark Refresh
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