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Network Modelling - Modelling of Carbon Capture & Storage: Project Definition Study - Request for Proposal

Citation ETI Network Modelling - Modelling of Carbon Capture & Storage: Project Definition Study - Request for Proposal, ETI, 2009. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000064.
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Author(s) ETI
Project partner(s) ETI
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000064
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Abstract Given the required speed of roll-out, cost and complexity of the future CCS infrastructure in the UK, modelling will play a crucial role in ensuring a practical, cost effective and robust network of assets. Modelling can potentially support decisions at a range of Business Levels:
  • Strategic Planning. Decisions are required on issues such as siting of power stations, selection of station/capture type, network layout, use of storage assets etc. In all cases a view needs to be taken on what the ‘ultimate’ system might look like and how it would develop. OEMs need to understand such issues for strategic marketing/product development purposes.
  • System ‘Front End’ Design. This will inform decisions on more detailed aspects of design such as pipeline sizing & routing, initial specifications for compression requirements, front end design of power plant.
  • System Detailed Design. This will inform design and selection of the components of the network (eg power stations, pipes, compressor stations, storage sites), and understanding of how they are best interconnected.
  • System Operation and Maintenance. It is critical to understand how the system will operate once built, both under steady state conditions and dynamically as a result of load following, planned and unplanned outages of assets etc. Operators within the system need to understand how the CCS system will impact on the key objective of ‘keeping the lights on’ and how the constraints imposed by the electrical system will impact the CCS chain’s operability.
The overall objective of the study is to produce a specification for a potential ETI modelling project, which will provide the core of a request for proposals for such a project
Associated Project(s) ETI-CC1003: CCS Systems Modelling Tool-Kit
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