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Results - Fuel Cell report to Congress (USA) (February 2003)

Author(s) Dept of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Abstract Congress has asked the Department of Energy (DOE) to prepare two reports describing the status of fuel cells. The Interior & Related Agencies Appropriations Conference Report (House Report 107-234) that accompanies Public Law 107-63, enacted in November 2001, requests that the Department report within 12 months to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations on the technical and economic barriers to the use of fuel cells in transportation, portable power, stationary, and distributed power generation applications. It also requests that the Department provide, within six months after enactment, an interim assessment that describes preliminary findings about the need for public-private cooperative programs to demonstrate the use of fuel cells in commercial-scale applications by 2012. The aim of this report is to respond to these requests.
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Year 2003
Status Archived
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Geographic Coverage USA
Funder US Government
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