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image for blog post titled: Spatial and Temporal Heat Demand and Energy Consumption: Visualisation

Access to a new interactive data visualisation available from our Visualisations tab. The Centre for Integrated Renewable Energy Generation and Supply (CIREGS) at Cardiff Universitys School of Engineering was established in 2008 as a multidisciplinary engineering research group with international expertise in the supply, transmission and demand of energy and as a result of recent academic and industry projects have developed methodology for estimating spatial and temporal heat demand and energy consumption for heating in England & Wales, along with a database that includes heat demand time series for Lower layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) across England & Wales.


image for blog post titled: CREDS/UKERC Data Sharing in Energy Consortia workshop

A recent CREDS/ UKERC Data Sharing Workshop, gathered system stakeholders together to discuss how to improve data sharing in the energy research community. Publishers, data managers, research centre managers, funders and researchers were invited to the expert workshop to reflect on the lessons learned by CREDS and UKERC, add their own lessons and make a series of recommendations. The final report and the briefing note are now available for downloading.


image for blog post titled: New Data Catalogue Experience

We pleased to announce improvements to searching, browsing and filtering so that it is easier to find relevant data for use and reuse. Improvements to the visual branding of the different datasets assists in seeing at a glance whether the data is held in the EDC. The information page on each dataset has been updated to make it clearer and the license more obvious. The results can be filtered by a range of options, including the dates, subjects and geographic location. The submission process for both curated datasets and suggestions for linked datasets has been streamlined and simplified. We welcome data from all researchers, you do not need to be a UKERC supported researcher to deposit data with the EDC.