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ETI Insights Report - Tidal energy

Citation Bradley, S. ETI Insights Report - Tidal energy, ETI, 2015. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000769.
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Author(s) Bradley, S.
Project partner(s) ETI
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000769
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Abstract Our marine technology programme has focused on helping to accelerate the development of the UK’s most promising marine technologies. From seven years of collaboration, research, development and demonstration we have built an evidence base into the current and future performance of both tidal stream and wave energy in the UK.
  • There is a demonstrable route to making tidal stream energy competitive with other low carbon technologies;tidal stream has the potential to be a material part of the future UK energy system
  • Tidal energy is capable of supplying 20-100TWh of the 350TWh of the UK’s annual electricity demand
  • Potential impact of the tidal industry on UK GDP is estimated to be in the range of £1.4 - 4.3billion
  • The cost of energy from tidal stream arrays can compete with other low-carbon sources
  • The sector has transitioned in recentyears from small-scale prototype devices, through to full-scale demonstration and early commercial arrays are now in development
  • The UK leads the rest of the world in the development of tidal devices
  • Significant cost reduction will require coordinated investment in supply chain innovation, processes and peopleArray and device design integration is vital
Associated Project(s) ETI-MA2001: Marine Energy - Technology Scoping and New Demonstrators
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
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