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2050 Energy Infrastructure Outlook - ETI Infrastructure Cost Calculator - Presentation

Citation ETI 2050 Energy Infrastructure Outlook - ETI Infrastructure Cost Calculator - Presentation, ETI, 2013. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000700.
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Author(s) ETI
Project partner(s) Buro Happold Ltd
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000700
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Abstract The 2050 Energy Infrastructure Outlook project provides data on the costs associated with key types of fixed energy infrastructure as well as identifying possible ‘grey areas’ where technology development could significantly influence cost and performance. The project gathered data on different types of infrastructure associated with electricity, gas, hydrogen and heat. It also looked at infrastructure types: transmission, distribution, storage, conversion and connections. The data itself looked at costs relating to capital, fixed/variable operating and maintenance, abandonment (‘infrastructure decommissioning’) and repurposing (‘altering existing infrastructure’).

This presentation outlines the infrastructure cost calculator tool which was developed by Buro Happold as part of this project - how it works, its data sources, what it can be used for, and its limitations.
Associated Project(s) ETI-EN2004: Energy Infrastructure Cost and Performance 2010-2050
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
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