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Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets


Researchers at the Met Office Hadley Centre produce and maintain a range of gridded datasets of meteorological variables for use in climate monitoring and climate research. Including datasets that started in the 1830s onwards. This site provides access to these datasets or, in some cases, links to other places from where where they can be obtained. Each data set is provided under specific license terms please check the terms and conditions for each data set before you use it.

Please note that this is not an operational service. This site is run by research staff with the primary aim of improving collaboration with fellow researchers. Everyone is welcome to use the site, and we aim to make it reliable, but it does not have the same level of support as the main Met Office website.

Please consider the use of these data resources in your work, if appropriate.


Met Office Hadley Centre


Met Office Hadley Centre


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Field Dates:

01/01/1832 - 31/12/2049

Data Date Range:

01/01/1832 - 31/12/2049

Data type:

Time Series

Data format:

No format supplied



Number of Units:

No unit numbers supplied

Unit Type:

No units supplied

Number of Records:

No records supplied


No parameters supplied


Mixed access rights

Rights Overview:

More than one data set is available, and they do not all have the same access permissions. Some may be fully open.

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Related Project:

No related project

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