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Office for National Statistics (ONS)


ONS main responsibilities are collecting, analysing and disseminating statistics about the UKs economy, society and population. This resource contains a large number of detailed datasets covering subjects such as

  • The UKs national accounts (such as GDP, national income and expenditure)
  • the UK balance of payments
  • population, demography and migration statistics
  • government output and activity
  • business output and activity
  • prices statistics (such as consumer prices and producer prices)
  • the labour market (such as employment, unemployment and earnings)
  • vital events statistics (such as births, marriages and deaths)
  • social statistics (for example, about neighbourhoods and families)
  • economic, societal and personal well-being
Data is presented on screen, and is downloadable as image, csv or xls. For each dataset, similar datasets are linked, along with publications using that dataset and a contact for the data. Time filters and revision data are presented. There are search tools and many other aids to interpretation and analysis


Office for National Statistics


Office for National Statistics


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01/01/1971 - 31/12/2049

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01/01/1971 - 31/12/2049

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Time Series

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This data may be freely used for any purpose

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