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Reference Number EP/M022900/1
Title A National Thin-Film Cluster Facility for Advanced Functional Materials
Status Completed
Energy Categories Renewable Energy Sources(Solar Energy, Photovoltaics) 30%;
Not Energy Related 70%;
Research Types Basic and strategic applied research 100%
Science and Technology Fields PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (Physics) 75%;
PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (Metallurgy and Materials) 25%;
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 100%
Principal Investigator Dr hjs Snaith
No email address given
Oxford Physics
University of Oxford
Award Type Standard
Funding Source EPSRC
Start Date 26 August 2015
End Date 27 May 2022
Duration 81 months
Total Grant Value £460,998
Industrial Sectors Electronics
Region South East
Programme NC : ICT, NC : Physical Sciences
Investigators Principal Investigator Dr hjs Snaith , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (99.989%)
  Other Investigator Professor J Walls , Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University (0.001%)
Professor J Kim , Engineering Science, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Dr MB Johnston , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Dr LM Herz , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Professor IA Walmsley , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Professor M Riede , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Professor P Radaelli , Oxford Physics, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Professor Sir R Friend , Physics, University of Cambridge (0.001%)
Professor D C (Donal ) Bradley , Department of Physics (the Blackett Laboratory), Imperial College London (0.001%)
Professor C Grovenor , Materials, University of Oxford (0.001%)
Dr AAR Watt , Materials, University of Oxford (0.001%)
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Abstract We propose to establish a cutting-edge cluster facility for thin-film deposition of Advanced Functional Materials to be located at the University of Oxford and run as a National Research Facility. This facility will enable multilayer structures of advanced functional materials to be fabricated through a range of deposition processes under vacuum with unprecedented control and versatility. The material systems to be deposited include organic, hybrid (perovskite), metal oxide and metal-chalcogenide semiconductors, organic and metal oxide dielectrics, transparent conducting metal oxides and metals. The Thin-Film Cluster Facility will provide a powerful new combinatorial approach to multi-layer functional material and device design that substantially differs from what can currently be achieved with the number of smaller, isolated deposition chambers that exist in many different locations throughout the UK. Crucially, it comprises central handler units that serve to pass thin-film coated substrates under vacuum between deposition chambers dedicated to different materials and processes. This cluster tool approach will avoid material contamination by atmosphere on transition between chambers, meaning that genuine multi-layer deposition (without degraded interfaces) will be achieved. In addition, the separation of different material families and processes into different deposition chambers avoids contamination that typically occurs when multiple materials are present in the same deposition chamber. The facility will hence act as a high-throughput thin-film deposition tool with ultimate accuracy in multi-layer deposition and device construction for a broad range of materials and applications. It will be complementary (and synergetic) to existing solution-processed techniques in which the UK is already very strong, and fill a strategic gap in the UK's research & development portfolio. The facility will be unique world-wide and place the UK at the center of the development of next-generation materials and devices for applications in energy, photonics and electronics. The facility will act as an epicenter for novel thin film development within the UK, enhancing the coherent research effort funded by EPSRC. Existing links between academia and industry will be strengthened and new links made as this industrially relevant capability delivers new materials and devices with novel functionality to a growing technology industry

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