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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   University of Nottingham
Department:   None
C4/P36 P Affordable Lightweight Body Structures (ALBOS)
InnUK/509571/01 P The University of Nottingham and BPB United Kingdom Limited
InnUK/132761/01 O A Combined Water Production/Dew Point Cooling Unit for Low Carbon Vehicles
InnUK/104380/01 O Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers (AdMaP)
DTI/CC/414 O Advantages of HP IGCC with/without CO2 Removal
InnUK/132956/01 O A novel industrial waste heat recovery system for pollutant removal, water production and cooling
InnUK/104019/01 O A Novel Thermoelectric Heat Pump/Heat Recovery System for Low Carbon Buildings (EcoPump)
ETI-CC2004 O Carbon Capture and Storage by Mineralisation
DTI/CC/120 O Coal mineral transformations - Effects on boiler ash behaviour
C3/P27 O Development and construction of a lightweight, chassisless composite semi-trailer (ROADLITE)
InnUK/102331/01 O EnviroSave - Environmentally Cost Saving Efficient and Hygienic Humidity and Temperature Control System for Safe Storage of Meat and Poultry Products
InnUK/102242/01 O High temperature PCM/Brayton cycle
DTI/CC/406 O Impact of CO2 Removal from Coal Gasification Based Fuel Plants
InnUK/132008/01 O Integrated Waste Heat Driven CHP-Moist Airflow / Energy Storage System
InnUK/102287/01 O Intelligent and Efficient Thermal Managed Power Module for Low Carbon Vehicles
InnUK/102332/01 O Low Grade Waste Heat Driven CHP Combined with Ejector System for Heating, Cooling and Power Generation in the Drink Supply Chain
InnUK/131821/01 O Polymer Mirco-Hollow Fibre Heat Exchangers
DTI/CC/127 O Proposal for Advanced Coal Modelling
DTI/CC/408 O Towards Zero Emissions of NOx and Mercury from Coal-Fired Power Plant
EP/P021573/1 I 2-D Forming of Low Cost Steered Fibre Laminates
EP/V04673X/1 I AmmoSpray: fundamental spray and combustion data for a zero-carbon future
InnUK/132357/01 I A Revolutionary Rotary Ericsson Heat Pump/Engine
EP/S036237/1 I Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems (CENTS)
EP/K002589/1 I Creating the Energy for Change
EP/G037116/1 I Doctoral Training Centre in Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their Applications
EP/R001456/1 I Electricity Satnav - Electricity Smart Availability Topology of Network for Abundant electric Vehicles
EP/R001456/2 I Electricity Satnav - Electricity Smart Availability Topology of Network for Abundant electric Vehicles
EP/S021728/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing
EP/Y015061/1 I Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Tape Development Cell
EP/W026945/1 I International Network on Sensor and Timing Applications with Quantum Technologies (INSTA-QT)
EP/X015742/1 I Layered Materials Research Foundry
EP/I036052/1 I Multifunctional III-nitride materials
InnUK/102203/01 I Multistage Ejectors for Flare Gas Recovery
EP/K037315/1 I NDT for high-value manufacturing of composites
EP/L010569/1 I New Frontiers in Aerosol Particle Measurements
EP/M00452X/1 I Polyoxometalate-Based Sensitizers for p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
EP/P015719/1 I Quantitative non-destructive nanoscale characterisation of advanced materials
EP/X015327/1 I Spray cooling high power dissipation Applications (SANGRIA): From fundamentals to Design
EP/P005667/1 I Thermal Energy Challenge Network
EP/P005667/2 I Thermal Energy Challenge Network
EP/N032861/1 I UK Fluids Network
EP/X015882/1 I Van der Waals Ga2O3 functional materials epitaxy: Revolutionary power electronics
EP/D034566/1 I Wind Energy Technologies
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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