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Projects: Projects for Investigator
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Organisation:   Corus
Department:   None
W/45/00640/00/00 P A Potential Breakthrough Technology in Wind Power Generation
W/64/00657/00/00 P Cost Reduction and Life Extension of Offshore Wind Farms (CORLEX)
DTI/CC/409 O Alloy Development for Critical Components on Future Coal-Fired power Plant
DTI/CC/132 O Improved Materials for Advanced PF Boilers and Steam Turbines
EP/C510410/1 I A Systematic Approach To Estimation Of Life Cycle Carbon Inventory, Carbon Footprints and Embodied Carbon
EP/G036950/1 I Doctoral Training Centre in Advanced Metallic Systems - Challenges in Global Competitiveness
EP/G022402/1 I Friction Joining - Low Energy Manufacturing for Hybrid Structures in Fuel Efficient Transport Applications
EP/H022937/1 I High temperature In-situ Monitoring of Power Station Steels using Electromagnetic Sensors - POWEREMS
GR/S28082/01 I SUPERGEN - Future Network Technologies
EP/F029748/1 I SUPERGEN 2 - Conventional Power Plant Lifetime Extension Consortium - CORE
EP/G007217/1 I Step change material efficiency for steel and aluminium.
EP/I02249X/1 I Structural evolution across multiple time and length scales
GR/S26958/01 I Supergen Marine Consortium
EP/I010955/1 I The Next Generation of Activated Carbon Adsorbents for the Pre-Combustion Capture of CO2
EP/G057133/1 I Thermal Management of Industrial Processes
GR/S26965/01 I UK Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Consortium
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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£ Value
0 0 16 16 102,064   28,229,346