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Energy infrastructure development: applications under consideration


A list of UK energy infrastructure development applications currently under consideration, it is regularly updated. This document lists current applications under consideration. It includes:

  • recommendations from the Planning Inspectorate to the Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for decisions on energy infrastructure applications under the Planning Act 2008
  • applications for changes to Development Consent Orders
  • applications under section 36 under the Electricity Act 1989
  • applications for variations to existing S36 consents
  • applications for Compulsory Purchase Orders under the Electricity Act 1989 and Acquisition of Land Act 1981
  • requests to the Secretary of State for Direction under section 35 of Planning Act 2008
  • applications under the Transport and Works Act 1992


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27/03/2009 - 14/06/2021

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27/03/2009 - 14/06/2021

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