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Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicle Study - Database

Citation Element Energy Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicle Study - Database, ETI, 2017.
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Author(s) Element Energy
Project partner(s) Element Energy
Publisher ETI
Download AdHoc_HDV_HD2003_1.xlsm document type
Abstract This document is an MS Excel database of zero emission powertrain components and overall costs for EV and FCEV powertrains in heavy duty vehicles. The dataset includes:
  • Indicative fuel cell light and heavy vehicle specifications for each of the truck and bus categories currently used by the ETI
  • Fuel cell system component costs by year and global production volume
  • Initial production cost, TCO and CO2 savings assessment
  • Equivalent data for battery electric vehicles for comparison purposes
Associated Project(s) ETI-HD2003: Gas Well to Motion Modelling for HDVs - Phase 2
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
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